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Introducing my new 30 jump start program, FAST.FIT.HIIT.

This introductory program will get you started in fasting, using it to not only burn fat and tap into those fat stores that has been stored in your fat tissue for years, but also you will heal your body at the same time allowing your body to shift from digesting food to fighting against diabetes, hypertension, etc. Your body has the ability to heal itself and with the right foods during your fast, your body has no choice to get stronger!

In conjunction with fasting, you will be going through 30 minute live virtual group training sessions with me while we strength train and perform HIIT cardio using ZERO equipment. Yes you can get strong just using your own bodyweight! Plus, you can train right in the comfort of your own home!

You will receive the following:

- A guide that includes a fasting menstrual cycle calendar and directions on how to use it, what to eat, and access to my training app, HiitmamaFit

-Unlimited training sessions during these times only (Monday 7:30pm, Tuesday 10:00am, Wednesday 10am and 7:30pm, Thursday 10:00am, Saturday 10:00am).

-Weekly checkins

 This jumpstart program begins January 1st! If you have any questions before joining the program, please send me a message!

Now let's get fit and heal TOGETHER! Welcome to the Lioness Club!